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VHC Jinzai Network Corporation currently has two training centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with modern facilities, dormitories and campus for hundreds of trainees. Besides teaching languages, teachers at VHC training centers always share their living and studying experiences in the foreign country, creating an open training environment. Our Training Centers has consistently met the requirements of foreign as well as domestic partners and agencies.
In addition, a highly disciplined but friendly, open-minded learning environment are important prerequisites for ensuring effective teaching and learning. Together with language and technical skill training, VHC also provided social skill lessons, orientation sessions in which trainees will get to know the foreign countries’ culture and working styles. Our aim is to ensure the worker quality who are not only good at technical skills, languages but also have discipline.
At VHC Training Centers, trainees will be accommodated in the spacious and clean dormitory. Besides, VHC frequently organizes self-study sessions for trainees to improve their knowledge and language skills. Furthermore, trainees are involved in physical training activities and sports such as football, badminton that will help them relax and maintain a good health condition. There are also regular sports competitions held at the centers with the aim of training their team-working skills.
Trainees also have chances to participate in outdoor camping, excursions through which they can understand others better, overcome difficulties together. As a consequent, they will get used to collective life prior to working in a foreign country.

VHC Jinzai Network Corporation is committed to provide professional training programs. With a group of experienced staff, we ensure supplying a qualified manpower source for foreign markets as well as further employment opportunities for labor.